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Leak & Sons Funeral Home Offers To Pay Rent For Jackie Robinson West’s Player Jaheim Benton & Family

Now this is what I am talking about!! People sacrificing and doing something for those in dire need.  I must say that this is really close to my heart because I have known the Leak Family ALL MY LIFE!! I humble call Spencer Leak, Sr “Uncle Spencer” and his son Spencer Leak, Jr “Cousin”.  They have always been great, God-fearing people and giving back is something that they just do WITHOUT giving it a second thought.  This family has given to families who have lost their loved ones and could not afford to give them a proper burial.  Leak & Sons has been an integral part of the Black Community for many years and I can say with 100% certainty that this gesture come from the heart of the Leak Family.  I know they would not have it any other way and to know them is to love them.  I most certainly can say I LOVE The Leak Family and not because I’ve known them for a long time but because they serve and give of themselves and they don’t complain or do it for accolades but because THE GOD THEY SERVE SAYS TO DO SO!!!

Thank you for all that you do!!!

leak family

The owners of a Chicago funeral home is offering to pay rent for a year to provide a home for the family of a Jackie Robinson West Little League player, after learning they are homeless.

Spencer Leak Jr., vice president of Leak & Sons Funeral Homes, said he heard about the plight of 12-year-old Jaheim Benton on his family on the radio on Friday, and wanted to help them, so Leak & Sons is offering to pay for a year of rent for Benton family.

According to the Sun-Times, the family’s struggles started when Jaheim’s mother had her hours cut back as a home care provider, because she lost three clients. That left her and her fiancé – Jaheim’s father – unable to support the family on the income from their part-time jobs.

Jaheim, a member of the national champion Jackie Robinson West All-Stars, scored five runs in the team’s seven games in the Little League World Series.

He’s staying with his father at a friend’s home in Auburn-Gresham.

Source: CBS


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1 Comment

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