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Lead Concentrations Are Still High In Some Areas of Flint

Photo Credit: Associated Press

Photo Credit: Associated Press

Residents in Flint, Michigan have been warned that there are still high concentraions of lead in the city’s water in various areas. Though filters have been distributed throughout the area to help reduce the levels, according to officials, the filters are having difficulty filtering the amassing amounts of lead in the water system. After Flint switched to sourcing their water from Detroit to the local river in order to cut costs, the lead problem ensued.

According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, they are still not sure why the levels are abnormally high still. Testing will still continue through early next week.

Officials claim that their filters ahould be working fine and are don’t necessarily mean that the filters are failing. They still recommend people get their water tested though for safe precautions.

Pregnant women and children under 6 should only drink bottled water and it is still unclear how many others are still drinking tap water even though the filters are in place. Until residents have gotten a proper water reading and have gotten clearance from officials to start drinking tap water again, it is highly recommened to use bottled water until further notice.

Governor Rick Snyder has already approved a second bill that would fund Flint with more resources and supplies needed to aid the residents. Snyder has blamed state and federal investigators, during this course have resigned or been suspended.



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