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Lauryn Hill Shows Up Late To Perform And Responds To Being Blasted On Twitter

Lauryn Hill is in the hot seat yet again!! She was scheduled to perform in Atlanta and showed up 2 hours later than the scheduled time.  Of course social media was not forgiving of her being more than fashionably late to the show.  To be a few minutes late is sometimes understandable but to disregard the time of people who have paid good money to see you perform and who are aware of your antics but still chose to buy tickets, one would think the artist would need to be a little more apt to doing things decent and in order. and on time.

Lauryn Hill Video Shoot

Photo Credit: ames Devaney/WireImage

Reports are saying that Lauryn Hill’s excuse for being late was because her “energy” was not aligned with the time.  NEWSFLASH Ms Hill, aligning your energy with the timing of your performances should be done well before the date of the performance.

Take a look at Lauryn’s response to the barrage of criticism she posted on Facebook:

Lauryn Hill facebook response

photo credit: Lauryn Hill’s Facebook Page

Who knows what her plans are to “make up” this latest blunder but what would be the proper thing to do is to refund the money those people paid to see a show.  To be grossly late and perform for a mere 40 minutes is not cool.  We hope that Lauryn and this new deal she has with Sony changes her attitude with how she will be interacting with her fans because this is not the first time she has shown up severely late to perform and the time of the people is extremely important so whatever she has to do to “get aligned” she needs to do long before the time of the shows that are scheduled.


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