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The Last 5 Words Of An Executed Man In Oklahoma Will Shock You!!

The topic of execution has always been a hot button issue in America. So, when Oklahoma had an execution go completely wrong back in April of last year, they put a temporary hold on all upcoming executions due to the public outcry. Now that the first execution has taken place since the last mishap, the last five words of a man as his death sentence was carried out has the nation buzzing once again.

Charles Frederick Warner, 47, was sentenced to death for the brutal rape and murder of 11-month-old Adrianna Waller in 1997. It wasn’t until just a few days ago that the public was notified by spokesman for the Oklahoma Corrections Department Jerry Massie that Charles Frederick Warner was pronounced dead at 7:28 p.m. after his execution.

ATROCIOUS Crime Leads To Execution, His Last 5 Words Has Everyone Talking

Once again, lethal injection has been dragged into the spotlight on account of how the night’s events played out. During that time, a journalist witnessed the 18 minute procedure and recorded the process as the man’s injection began. “My body is on fire,” Warner said.

However, the journalist’s remarks paint quite a different picture as he claims Warner didn’t appear to be in any amount of pain. Warner then continued by shouting that he’d been “poked five times” during the placing of his intravenous lines. Getting poked five times with a needle is hardly comparable to the brutal rape and murder he committed. If that’s something worthy of outrage, I have a lawsuit to file against my family doctor.

ATROCIOUS Crime Leads To Execution, His Last 5 Words Has Everyone Talking

As the lethal drugs continued to be forced into his body, he apologized for the pain he’d caused before finally saying, “I am not a monster.” The incident was posted to social media, prompting the discussion as to whether or not lethal injection is the right route to take regardless of the crime.

As IJ Review points out, National Journal’s Ron Fournier posted Warner’s five controversial words to Twitter, resulting in quite the exchange:



Regardless of whether or not lethal injection is as humane as officials claim it to be, others are using the recent instances as a stepping stone to argue the ethics of killing someone in the first place. Even the infant’s mother, Shonda Waller, explains that the death penalty is an act of kindness for such monsters.

“I don’t see any justice in just sentencing someone to die,” the grieving mother said. “To me, the justice is in someone living with what they have done to you, your family, and having to live with that for the rest of their life knowing they will never walk out those bars.” That would be true if the individual was capable of feeling guilt or remorse, but the man himself was in denial of his actions when he claimed that he wasn’t a monster.

ATROCIOUS Crime Leads To Execution, His Last 5 Words Has Everyone Talking

The combination of the two arguments make for a strong case regarding those who oppose it, but many aren’t all that convinced. After all, why waste the tax payer money on keeping such heinous animals alive knowing they’ll never see the light of day again?

Another argument points out that a bit of discomfort during their lethal injection shouldn’t matter, given the pain they’ve caused to their victims and the victim’s families. Which argument makes more sense – end the waste of life they’ve proven themselves to be, or let them suffer with the guilt of what they’ve done until their last breath?

Source: Mad World News

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