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Korryn Gaines Baby Boy Speaks, He Says, ” Cops Killed His Mommy” The End! [Video]

 Korryn Gaines Baby Boy Speaks, He Says, " Cops Killed His Mommy" The End!

Korryn Gaines baby boy says his mom told the cops to back off, they then told her they were backed off.  He says they shot his mommy and  she went on the couch, he started to run and they shot him too.  When his aunt asked him, “So they shot you on purpose”.  He says yes, The End.

This 5-year old is very articulate and knowledgable for someone so young.  He appears very bright and seem to know what he’s talking about.

The baby said they had a toy gun and his mom wanted him to go with the police but he didn’t want to go so he just stood there. (inaudible)

He said they kicked the door down, he was hiding in the closet.  

The report that has been circulating throughout various news sources and blogs are that Korryn was irresponsible and put her child in harm’s way, some even called her crazy and mental…It’s hard to vision a mother using her child as a shield which is what was reported by various news sources and blogs.  They said that is why the baby boy got shot but the baby is saying he was running when he got shot.  He also said he was hiding in a closet yet they say he was sitting on the couch with his mom.

Ear Hustle 411 don’t have all the facts but baby boy is on to something.  We will keep you posted as we get more information.  They say if you want the truth, ask a child!!!


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1 Comment

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