KKK Imperial Wizzard Found Dead In The Missouri River After Being Missing For Several Days

KKK Imperial Wizzard Found Dead In The Missouri River After Being Missing For Several Days

The body of Frank Ancona, 51, Imperial Wizard of the Traditional American Knights of Ku Klux Klan, was discovered Saturday on the bank of Big River outside of Belgrade, Mo., four days after he went missing.

 Local law enforcement said they discovered Ancona was missing Thursday on Facebook. A Federal Forestry Service employee located Ancona’s vehicle on a forestry service road on Friday, the Daily Journal Online reports.

“Deputies responded on Friday and located [Ancona’s] vehicle and secured it,” said Washington County Sheriff Zach Jacobsen. “We left deputies at the scene and secured it overnight due to the loss of light. On Saturday morning we conducted a search of the area by foot by member of the Potosi Fire Protection District and the sheriff’s office. We didn’t locate much of anything in the woods, but we did locate evidence of a burn pile near Mr. Ancona’s vehicle.”

Ancona’s body was discovered Saturday by a family who had gone to Big River for a fishing trip.

  According to the Daily Journal, Malissa Ancona, Frank Ancona’s wife, was the last person to see her husband alive Wednesday. She claimed that Ancona received a call from work informing him that he would have to travel across the state to deliver a part.

The name of Ancona’s place of employment has not been reported, but they did tell police that they did not send him anywhere and he didn’t come in to work.

Malissa Ancona made a Facebook post the day after her husband went missing in which she inquired about a roommate. She told law enforcement that she made the post because she and Ancona had discussed divorce and he took a bag of clothes with him when he left, so she assumed she would need a roommate.

 According to law enforcement officials, a safe in Ancona’s home had been forced open with a crowbar and emptied, and all of his firearms were gone. They do not suspect burglary.

Ancona, who is known for claiming that the Ku Klux Klan is a Christian organization, not a racist one—as if the two are always mutually exclusive—waged war on protestors in Ferguson, Mo., after Darren Wilson executed Michael Brown, Jr. on Canfield Drive in 2014.

 Ancona called peaceful protestors “terrorists” and began posting recruitment flyers. The virulent racist said that protestors had awakened a “sleeping giant” and the KKK would use lethal force to defend themselves, their families and police officers.


Source:  The Root

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