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Kids Get Ride To School By Philadelphia Cop & The Mother Wants Answers


Did a cop do a good deed or not? Well, that depends on who you ask. A South Philly mother wants answers after her two daughters ended up in the back of a police car.

Two little girls got an unexpected ride in the back of a 1st District Philadelphia police car this morning. They didn’t do anything wrong. Now, one police officer’s concern for the kids has their mother looking for answers.

They certainly don’t look like criminals. So how did they end up in the back of a police car? That’s what their mom wants to know.

“They are saying they did me a favor by taking them to school and not notifying me,” said mother, Contessa Taylor.

Police tell FOX 29 a 911 call came in when the Taylor sisters were seen walking alone near 25th and Snyder.When officers arrived they learned the girls, Siryah and Starsheya, had just missed their school bus and were locked out of their house. So the officers did what many would have done, they drove the girls to school.

“The supervisors advised the officers to drive the children to school. They brought them into school. Checked them in with the office and wrote the report and went on their way,” said Philadelphia Police Captain Louis Campione.

But the problem, the girls mother never knew what happened until a neighbor called her to say she saw her daughters drive away with police.

“I started crying. I broke down and i got here and I was hysterical”

Police admit officers should have called the girls’ mother. But they also strongly believe in getting involved in kids’ lives. Even the 1st District lobby has a mini playroom and library for kids.

“The intent was to protect those children. To get them in school. To get them educated and to make their day less stressful than it was,” said Campione.

FOX 29 caught up with the girls mother moments after a meeting with police about the incident.

“I don’t want them not to trust the police but they need to be aware they need to let their mother know. They need to let them say call my mom before they get in to say “call my mom,” she said.

Police say there’s no department policy against an officer giving a ride to a civilian. They actually say it goes along with the entire departments philosophy of community policing.

Source: FOX

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