Kid Cudi Upset That His Gay Kiss Scene Was Removed From New Movie “James White”

Kid Cudi Upset That His Gay Kiss Scene Was Removed From New Movie "James White"


Kid Cudi was upset that his male-on-male kissing scenes was cut out of Josh Mond-directed film James White. ”I’m mad [Mond] cut out my kissing scenes with David,” Cudi said during a Q&A session. “We made out so many times — and it was so good! That’s my only gripe.”

The crop-top enthusiast learned those scenes were cut out while at the premiere. The “Day ‘N’ Night” artist explained that he shot scenes where his character came out of the closet and kisses a male friend, played by David Call. ”When he comes out of the closet it’s not really a thing,” said Cudi. “I think that’s something the world needs to see. ‘Cause it’s not a thing. We’re all equal. ”

The movie premiered on Friday (Jan. 23), day two of the Sundance Film Festival. It follows the title character—played by Christopher Abbott from Girls—who is a troubled twenty something trying to make it New York City. The Cleveland MC plays James’ gay best friend, a character the rapper had no problem with playing.

When asked if he had any reservations about the role, the How to Make It in America actor simply said no. “My thing is what story are we trying to tell here,” Cudi said to Billboard. “I didn’t flinch. I’m secure with mine. I’m an artist — it’s all about playing characters that are intriguing and stimulating.”




Source:  XXLmag.com



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