Kenya Moore and Vivica A. Fox Have A Big Fight Over Butts & A Tweet

 Kenya Moore and Vivica A. Fox Have A Big Fight Over Butts & A Tweet

“Why are you so nasty to everybody?”

What a good question posed by Donald Trumpto one Kenya Moore as she attempted to throw Vivica Fox under the bus. After their disastrous “buns are like butts LOL!”–themed campaign for King’s Hawaiian Buns got Team Vortex sent to the boardroom for a long discussion about what Geraldo Rivera said about whose rear end, Kenya tried to pull out all the stops in an attempt to not get herself fired.

Unfortunately for her, that plan backfired spectacularly. At one point during the challenge, Kenya tried to bring up Vivica’s menopause as an insult and defended those comments by saying that Vivica had just tweeted something about how menopause was affecting her behavior and making her act “a damn fool.”

“You know how I know you’re lying?” Vivica said, “Because I don’t really tweet that much, I Instagram.”

Ah, 2015.

Trump’s son did confirm that the tweet existed, but interestingly, Vivica’s phone had been missing or stolen at the time the tweet was sent, and she was just sure Kenya was the culprit.

Kenya refused to admit it, but she did grin like a kid in a candy store until Trump went ahead and fired her for pretty much everything she’s ever done.

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That, of course, wasn’t the end of the firings for the night. The next challenge would be partly judged by Joan Rivers and involved writing a jingle for Anheuser-Busch. It also featured Geraldo saying this decidedly un-2015 sentence: “I’d love to sit down at the word processor.”

Geraldo, Vivica, and Leeza Gibbons had a pretty good time with their jingle, but Johnny Damon, Brandi Glanville and Ian Ziering struggled big time. Ian was totally caught up in just rewriting “La Cucaracha” and attempting to convince everyone that he can do literally everything, so when Brandi decided to work on an original jingle, he was quite unhappy. They ended up with two not-great jingles and an angry Ian, and they were pretty much doomed

from the start.

Ian was the first to be fired for his sulking, and then Trump announced that one more had to go. Surprise, just kidding! Both Johnny and Brandi were sent home for their wordy and ridiculous jingle, leaving Team Vortex as the only remaining team, and Geraldo, Vivica, and Leeza as this season’s top 3.

Source:  EOnline

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