KeKe Palmer Says: “They Shot At Us With Real Guns”, Reveals Her Mother Was Shot In The Neck

It seems that KeKe Palmer has come under fire for her words she took to social media as it relates to the uprising in Ferguson, MO.  Last week she posted a pretty vocal video on Instagram that brought her some unexpected criticism, so I guess she figured a trip to Missouri would smooth things over and she got a true dose of reality while she was there. I wonder how the folks at BET feel about this one.

Check out her video rant and her “protest” account as reported by Madam Noire:




Apparently, Keke Palmer is one to put action behind her words. Last week, the actress took to social media to express outrage over the shooting death of Mike Brown. Though she was criticized by some for her words, Keke doesn’t appear to have allowed her critics to slow her down one bit. Over the weekend, the “Masters of Sex” star and her mother flew out to Ferguson to join those who were protesting to have Mike Brown’s killer, Officer Darren Wilson, arrested and charged in his murder.  She later took to social media to discuss her troubling experience.

In one Instagram post, she shared the story of a woman who said that she was assaulted by officers. In this same post, Keke also revealed that police officers fired “real guns” at them (her and the protesters) and that her mother was even hit with pellets. Her post reads:

“God bless this woman right here! I met her out here in Ferguson tonight, & she was telling me about her violent run in with the police not too long ago. She was in an accident & called the police, & allegedly THIS is what SHE was put through.

She was out here PEACEFULLY protesting, and after they threw tear gas at us, my mom was shot in the neck with pellets, they shot at us with REAL guns(a young man actually got hit), she came back & picked my mom, my friend & I up & took us home. God bless you sister & thank you! When you’re peaceful you play as a mirror to people’s wrong actions, instead of a distraction.”

The “Just Keke” host also shared footage from one of the protests.

Source: Madam Noire


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