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Judge Who Was Called A N****r In Court Under Scrutiny For Misconduct

Judge Olu Stevens

While the Internet is still talking about the viral video of Kentucky Judge Olu Stevens flexing his judicial muscle on a white man who called him the N-word, it looks like the Black adjudicator’s fate on the bench is in jeopardy.

Stevens will be appearing before an all-white Judicial Conduct Commission to determine whether or not he should be disciplined or removed for striking down all-white juries with black defendants. The judge’s decision gained much national attention.

Stevens’ quest for diversity and fairness in the courtroom, however, has come with a cost, as local prosecutors and the chief justice of the Kentucky Supreme Court seem to be on a mission to unseat him.
Shaun King of The Daily News believes Stevens is being targeted for his race, in which “it seems like every single move Stevens makes is under a ridiculous amount of scrutiny.”

The judge was temporarily removed from the bench after defending his decision to dismiss all-white juries on Facebook–something that is not against the law nor improper. He agreed not to discuss proceedings on the social networking site, but was targeted yet again when he took to Facebook to thank his supporters.

An online petition was even created demanding that the judge be removed.

“Stevens is being made an example of. He hasn’t actually done anything wrong, hasn’t had a lapse in judgment, hasn’t had a moral failure, but how dare a black man actually have an independent thought of his own that he shares with his supporters,” King wrote.

Stevens, one of the few Black judges in Kentucky, is a graduate of Morehouse College and obtained his J.D. from George Washington University Law School.

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