Judge States 50 Cent Can Be Sued For Posting Sex Video Of Rick Ross’s Ex

50 Cent

A Manhattan judge says rapper 50 Cent can be sued for posting a sex tape to his web site featuring the former girlfriend of a rival.

Judge Paul Wooten said there was compelling evidence that the reckless rapper’s posting of the X-rated video on his website — which receives millions of views — nearly drove Lastonia Leviston to suicide.

The Queens-born rapper, whose real name is Curtis Jackson, had argued that Leviston, who had a child with rival rapper Rick Ross, was bluffing that the publicity caused her major depression and anxiety because she was able to get her high school equivalency diploma and hold down two jobs after the 2009 posting.

The video was picked up by multiple websites and viewed almost 4 million times.

50 Cent allegedly bought the racy home video from Leviston’s former boyfriend Maurice Murray, even though she claims he promised to destroy the footage.

The Florida woman’s diary “reveals that Leviston entertained suicidal ideation as a result of the release of the video tape, and that she was unable to function normally in her daily life,” Wooten wrote in his decision released Thursday.

50 Cent even blurred out Leviston’s lover’s face, but left hers recognizable and edited his alter ego ‘Pimpin’ Curly’ into the video.

He dubbed Leviston a “call girl” named Brooke in the spot. Leviston says in her 2010 suit that she was never a hooker.

The Platinum performer said his “sole motive [for releasing the video] was to respond to Ross’s ‘disrespecting’ him,” according to court papers.

But Judge Wooten found that the hijacked home video “generated interest” in 50 Cent and attracted traffic to his website.

He will let a jury decide whether the woman’s mental suffering was “genuine and extreme.”

Leviston filed suit in 2010 seeking unspecified damages.

50 Cent’s attorney did not immediately return messages.

Source: New York Post

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