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Judge In The Brock Turner Case Has Connection With The Convicted Rapist; Both Are Stanford University Alum

The results of the Brock Turner case has truly proven that the wheels of justice do no turn the same for all people and there’s absolutely NOTHING that could be said to say that race did not play a part in Turner getting a handed a sentence that pretty much raped the victim all over again.  EarHustle411 was sent a screenshot of Judge Aaron Persky’s bio which included some very interesting information.  Judge Aaron Persky graduated from Stanford University and also played Lacrosse where he served as team captain.  Judge Persky never should have been able to preside over this case because there are too many commonalities between He and Brock.  The sentence given is quite clear that he was not capable of handing down an appropriate sentence.  Even the Stanford University community requested that te judge give Turner a sentence that was more severe and it’s apparent that did not happen.  Petitions has begun to circulate to recall Judge Persky from the bench.  The judge is scheduled to begin election campaigning for his current seat as a judge in Santa Clara County.  We hope that this type of judicial behavior ends with this case, God forbid if more sitting judges take the “sympathetic” route when handing down sentencing for criminals who deserve to sit in jail while the victims are being victimized again.

Judge Aaron Persky

photo credit: Everipedia


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