Judge Allows Neo Nazi To Cover His Nazi Tattoos So Jurors Can View Him As A Respectable Human Being

Judge Allows Neo Nazi To Cover His Nazi Tattos So Jurors Can Veiw Him As A Respectable Human Being

A courtroom cosmetologist has been tasked to apply make-up on Bayzle Morgan’s face every day during his robbery trial, before jurors can see him.
In the courtroom, Morgan will appear in street clothes, uncuffed and tattoo-free, the Review-Journal wrote.

A white supremacist showed up in court with all of his Neo Nazi tattoos covered up on Monday, as per a judge’s orders.

Bayzle Morgan, 24, is accused of stealing a man’s motorcycle at gunpoint in Las Vegas, Nevada, in May 2013.

He has tattoos on his head, face and neck, which include the words ‘Baby Nazi’, a swastika and an Iron Cross.

A panel of potential jurors allegedly said they wouldn’t be able to treat Morgan’s case fairly because of the markings, prompting a district judge to require them to be covered.

Morgan showed up in court on Monday covered in concealer – and when his attorney said the make-up had started wearing off, the judge agreed to delay jury selection, the Las Vegas Review-Journal reported.

Morgan is to remove the make-up after each day in court before he returns to the Clark County Detention Center.Potential jurors didn’t appear to see Morgan’s tattoos underneath the concealer on Monday, but one of his attorneys, Dan Bunin, said in the early afternoon that two of them had started showing up.

One was the ‘Baby Nazi’ inscription on Morgan’s neck and the other

Teardrop tattoos can have several meanings. Some signal that the wearer has killed someone, has been in prison, or was part of a gang.

District Judge Richard Scotti allowed a cosmetologist to touch up Morgan’s makeup, delaying jury selection by 30 minutes Monday.

The make-up artist recommended he wear a brown shirt instead of a white or black white for future court dates.

One potential juror said on Monday that she had read about Morgan’s tattoos and the judge’s order to cover them in the press. She was dismissed.

Morgan will face another trial next month, this time for capital murder. He is accused of killing 75-year-old Jean Main and faces the death penalty.

Another judge will have to decide whether his tattoos should be concealed for that trial too.

Source:  African Globe

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