Joseline Hernandez And Former Nanny Claims Stevie J Molested His Young Daughter

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The drama between Love & Hip Hop Atlanta infamous couple is taking a drastic turn. Joseline Hernandez and a former nanny are claiming that Stevie J molested his daughter Eva ( MiMi Faust daughter). Check out the story below.

Via Centric TV

Stevie J is accused of molesting his 4-year-old daughter by a former nanny and his ex-girlfriend Joseline Hernandez.

The “Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta” star and his baby’s mother, Mimi Faust, were put on blast by Hernandez and Lena James, who says she was fired as Eva’s nanny after speaking out about the alleged sexual abuse.

The bomb was first dropped by Hernandez who took to social media to vow to keep her unborn child away from Stevie.

“Your dad was a child molester and so are you,” Hernandez wrote in a post she later removed. “You fantasize about sleeping with your own daughters…”

She went on to call Stevie, real name Steven Jordan, a “devil in disguise.”

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James, who claims she was considered family to Faust and Eva, also posted a condemning post on Instagram, going in more detail about the alleged assault. She claims that Faust knew for nearly two years about “what was going on” between Stevie and Eva.

“You basically tried to get rid of me once I was able to get the truth out of Eva when she came home one weekend from her fathers house with redness between her legs and having pain urinating,” James wrote.

“Tell them about how you told me about him getting arrested for child support like it was some kind of justice then he was out in a matter of days.”

James added that the only reason why she’s speaking out now is because Hernandez.

“But only because I had no real evidence except the words of a traumatized 4 year old. But now that I have confirmation of the sick nonsense from another adult I refuse to be silent. It makes me sick to my stomach and it is beyond disgusting,” she continued.

“I never wanted my name associated with any of the rachetness but someone has to be an advocate for that child and stand up for what’s right.”

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Centric can neither confirm nor deny the claims made by both Hernandez and James, however, this story is developing.

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