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Joliet West High School Security Closes Doors To Graduation Early Not Allowing Families To Enter

EarHustle411 came across a post on Facebook involving Joliet West High School and the parents.  It seems the doors were closed upon several parents and they were not allowed to witness their children graduate.  The situation was captured on video, although the parents were highly upset about not being allowed to enter the building but moreso about the staff smirking in a humorous manner and making light of the situation as if these parents and family members don’t have a legitimate gripe.

Take a look at the videos posted to social media:

According to the post, the doors were closed at 6:45pm while the actual graduation began at 7:00pm. Of course we all have been just barely making it to an event on time with a few moments to spare…it happens.   Interesting thing about this situation is there were only people of color standing outside.

These family members missed an important event in their relatives lives and to be told to contact the principal is a little more than insensitive.  Hopefully this situation can be resolved to everyone’s satisfaction.

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