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 I would like to weigh in on the city of peace…..Jerusalem and that is what the name means…peace! Think for a moment how great this city was from ancient times that it would be called the Holy City…..the city of Peace… the city of the great high priest… Melchesidac…the priest and King that Abraham paid tithes to in the book of Genesis. This is the city that the legendary King David ruled from he and his son Solomon! I peacefully request that you bear with me for one moment in my attempt to plead the case of the Holy city…Jerusalem.
     It is written in the law that thou shall not kill…..that thou shall not take the life of the innocent and that you shall not pervert judgement. Now it has been written by the national press that the Palestinians murdered  three Jewish teenagers after which the Israelis began to bomb Palestine. It has been reported that over 500 Palestinians have been murdered by the Israeli government….is this equal? If I gave a child a scale and told him to weigh 500 verse 31 surely the scale would tip toward the 500  and not the thirty one! Even a baby can see this! How many Palestinian men,women and babies have to die before the Israelis feel that justice has been done? The Israelis say that they are the priests of Yhwh….the Keepers of the Law…if that be the case o priest have you not read where it was written that the sons shall not die for the fathers nor the fathers for the sons? Have you not read oh priest” that every man shall die for his own sins? How is that sane church folk root for the murderer? The Palestinians were wrong when they murdered the Israeli teenagers and the Israelis are wrong for this OVERKILL!
     The United Nations…a limp organization……. was set up for times such as these, to be a table of settlement for nations that are in disagreement. The United Nations was set up to prevent the carnage that the Europeans had embarked on during WW1 and WW2 but what we have come to realize is that the United Nations is nothing but a rubber stamp for the European Union, Nato and her allies. The United Nations won’t intervene because the Israelis are part of the good old boy click (WESTERN EUROPE)….the us against them syndrome, roll with us or get rolled over! You are correct if you said that the Palestinians have not achieved nationhood…..but they do have observer status at the United Nations along with the Vatican…what does that mean? It means that they can bring the Israelis up on charges of crimes against humanity.
     You have been brainwashed by the government sponsored media in the United States that the Palestinians aren’t people but they are!.They have sons and daughters that they love just like us, some of them are married and some of them are old men and old women……just like us…these people have dreams and fears…love and sorrow…they experience pain….just like us! The Israelis also love, hate, sweat and feel sorrow…just like us.
     The Israelis are building this great wall around the Palestinians and cramping them into a small space so much so that the  Pope exclaimed that it looked like a concentration camp! You should also take this into account that what you are seeing in Jerusalem today in nothing short of modern day APARTHEID!!!!
     The future is calling to mankind, it is telling a story of a time when there will be no more wars, a time when all weapons will have ceased to exist in the earth, a time when the lion will eat straw like an ox, the wolf, bear and Lamb will lay down together. The Earth is spiraling forward on the timeline of life but the old guard are going into the future kicking and screaming….heels dug into the dirt and anchor thrown overboard but no matter how hard they kick and fuss the future backons! And so it is that the Israelis must restrain themselves….these are not the actions of the priest of YHWH….the Lord desires MERCY not sacrifice.
       The question is who side are you on? This is the question that the Palestinians and the Israelis is presenting to the international community? Are you on the side of the Palestinians or the side of the Israelis? Let me be as blunt as I possibly can about this, the Scribe isn’t on the side of the Israelis or the Palestinians….I can care less about what God a nation serves I am on the side of justice and righteousness.  I am not interested in the concept of an Israeli or the concept of an Arab Palestinian, I am interested in something that  is priceless….human life. How can you root for murder? have you seen these images of these dead babies?
     How can you root for this? Has the love of so many waxed cold in this country? Has death become the friend of so many people in the United States , that we embrace the death of babies? Do you have a pulse? Are you able to think for yourself? Or are all of your opinions given to you by Fox, CNN, MSNBC and all the other news outlets?
                                                                                      THE SCRIBE
     Martin Luther King made a statement one day in which he said it dosen’t matter where a man stands in the times of comfort or convience but where does he stands in times of controversy. This is the question that the SCRIBE is presenting to the American people today…..where do you stand? I would like to end this piece with the allegory of two friends. I have been your friend for at the last sixty seven years, I was there for you when you were given Nationhood, no matter what the event was in your life…..I was there. I gave you bread, water, guns, nuclear weapons, supported your every move because we are friends…..don’t I have the right to tell a friend he is wrong….that’s if we are really friends?  I have never said anything negative about President Obama and I won’t today but today I am saying, it is time for you to use the power invested in your seat to stop this madness in Palestine. It is time that you be the the leader of the free world. This is that moment that can turn the tide on how history will remember you as a World Leader. This is your time President Obama like it or not, you were born for a time such as this! Peace everybody, may the love of God embrace and protect you…THE SCRIBE.


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