Jennifer Hudson As The “Queen of Soul? Is There An Aretha Franklin Biopic In The Works…Maybe!!!

EarHustle411 is always keeping our ears to the streets and the word on the street is that the producer of Straight Outta Compton’s Scott Bernstein is “eyeballing” JHUD to play Aretha Franklin in an upcoming biopic.

jhud and aretha franklin

The film has yet to be given a name, however it’s storyline will focus on the Queen of Soul’s career during the 1960s and 1970s.  Pretty much when her rise to stardom had started.  A woman with an extraordinary career such as Aretha’s truthfully speaking cannot be put in to just 2 decades, but it’s a start.  This should be an interesting biopic because we all know the “Queen” is very picky about who she would want to portray her in any film.

As more details emerge about this subject EarHustle411 will be “earhustlin” to bring you the 411!!


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