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Jealous Man Throws Sulfuric Acid In Girlfriends Face For Breaking Up WIth Him [Video]

Jealous Man Throws Acid In Girlfriends Face For Breaking Up WIth Him

A man calls 911 stating he needed an ambulance because his girlfriend accidentally got industrial strength drain cleaner on her face.  You can hear his girlfriend screaming in agony in the background.

He then told the operator, ” We were just putting it in the toilet and we slipped. the operator then asks him did she fall? He replied, “Yes, send the Ambulance now.”

What sounded like a freak accident was no accident at all, The man known as Andrew Fordham threw sulfuric acid in Christy Sims face because she broke up with him.  While the 911 Operator told him to rinse her off in the shower Her boyfriend ignored the request allowing the acid to burn in her skin for ten full minutes.


Check out the video below.


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