Jay-Z: “Hip-Hop Has Done More For Racial Relations Than Civil Rights”

Jay-Z: “Hip-Hop Has Done More For Racial Relations Than Civil Rights”


Racism is still alive and well—that is pretty obvious—but there are more than a handful of incidences where we see people of various races and cultural backgrounds coexisting. There are a number of factors that we can accredit with that coexistence, but Jay-Z thinks that hip-hop is the most important one.

Jay-Z is one of the most influential rap artists in the world so he knows a thing or too about the contributions that hip-hop has made to our society. His craft and the success thereof is a reflection of how much passion he has for hip-hop, so much that he believes that it has actually made a difference in the way the world functions.

The rapper was featured on one of Oprah’s “Master Class” interviews, and he talked about how he really believes that hip-hop has changed the dynamics of racial relations.

“I have a very interesting take on the cultural impact of hip-hop, and it’s a strong one,” Hov said. “I think that hip-hop has done more for racial relations than most cultural icons.”

The 45-year-old entrepreneur suggested that hip-hop music is really a major unifier amongst people of all backgrounds. He said that it is no longer an urban thing anymore because people around the world are influenced by it.

Hov went on to describe how integrated clubs are now. We are all partying with one another and connecting on another level, and back then this kind of mixing and mingling was not occurring nor was it acceptable.

“[…], And now people party together. Once you have people partying, dancing, and singing along to the same music, then conversations naturally happen after that,” he said. “Within conversations we all realize that we are more alike than we’re separate.”

Jay made some pretty good points. Hip-hop does have the tendency to create plenty of relationships and connections that are not ideal at first sight, but our community is responsible for a number of great things that the rest of the world can use to their advantage.

Hip-hop has had an impact on racial relations, no doubt. The problems arise, though, when the credit is not given where it is due, but I will not be a Debbie Downer today. I appreciate Hov for

acknowledging the positive side of the race topic.

What do you think? Has hip-hop done more than Malcolm X and MLK? Share your thoughts.



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