Jay Z, Eminem and Drake Have All Made It on Billboard’s “Money-Makers” List

Jay Z, Eminem and Drake All Made It on Billboard’s “Money-Makers” List

In an unsurprising bit of news, Jay Z, Eminem and Drake made a ton of money last year. Billboard released its “2014 Money-Makers” list, which ranks the highest-paid musicians of the past year, and Hov, Slim Shady and Drizzy all checked into the top-25. The list calculates the total revenue of an artist based on sales, streaming numbers, publishing and touring income. Jay Z jumped from No. 16 to No. 9 with $22 million earned, $19.1 million of which comes from touring. The rapper also made $456,700 in streaming royalties, a number to keep an eye on when next year’s list comes out due to his involvement with Tidal.

Eminem is at No. 20 with a $11.9 million income, $4.2 million of which comes from album sales. Eminem’s $1.1 million earned in streaming royalties make him the highest earner in that category. He also earned $5.2 million from the “Monster” tour he did with Rihanna. Drake made the list for the first time, coming in at No. 21 with $10.6 million earned. Though he didn’t release an album in 2014, Drake made $7.7 million from touring and still managed to earn $1.7 million in sales royalties.

While these numbers are impressive, they pale in comparison to the $46 million pop supergroup One Direction earned in the last year. The group’s “Where We Are” stadium tour was the biggest draw of 2014, earning them $40.7 million and drawing 3.4 million fans in five months.


Source:  XXLmag

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