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Janay McFarlane Teen Shot To Death In North Chicago, Trial Starts Today


Jury selection in the murder trial of a North Chicago man charged with killing an 18-year-old Chicago girl last year is scheduled to begin Monday, Nov. 3.

Jim McPherson, 22, is accused of shooting Janay McFarlane in a North Chicago alley on Feb. 15, 2013. That date coincided with a visit by President Barack Obama to Chicago to discuss gun violence, and McFarlane’s 14-year-old sister was sitting near the president at the event.

McPherson is charged with first-degree murder, and based on enhancements including the use of a firearm, could face from 45 to 85 years in prison if convicted.

According to authorities, McPherson was inside John’s Liquor Store and Mini Mart when McFarlane and some friends walked into the store and, according to witnesses, McPherson stared McFarlane down before she left the store to walk back to a friend’s home.

McPherson allegedly then left the store, and was driven to and dropped off at the intersection of 13th and Victoria streets.

Witnesses reported hearing shots in that vicinity, and McFarlane was found with a gunshot wound to the head in an alley in the 1300 block of Jackson Street. She died at the scene, officials said, and a witness observed McPherson running away.

Prosecutors have said evidence includes gunshot residue on McPherson’s hand.

In September, Judge George Strickland struck down a motion to quash the arrest of McPherson, which would have invalidated the positive gunshot residue test results.

Defense attorneys James Schwarzbach and Lawrence Wade are representing McPherson, and assistant state’s attorneys Ari Fisz and Jason Grindel are prosecuting the case.

Source: Lake County News Sun

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