“Iyanla Fix My Life” Star Iyanla Vanzant Tells Rape Victim That She Was Hoeing

iyanla vanzant

Iyanla Vanzant is an author, spiritual speaker and television personality. She currently have a show OWN(Oprah Winfrey Network) called Iyanla Fix My Life. In her show she talks with families and friends to help fix the issues in there life.  She have spoken celebrities such as Terrell Owns, Syleena Johnson and DMX.

But she recently got into some hot water when she took “Iyanla Fix My Life” down south to assist a woman who’d had issues with her sister over a man.

The woman had slept with her sister’s boyfriend when she was a teen. She said she had been coerced into having sex with him. But as the episode dug deeper, and the plot thickened. The woman had enjoyed gifts from the man, which made sleeping with him a lot easier.

Geneva told Iyanla that her sister, Barbra, didn’t believe that she had been raped by her boyfriend. Iyanla seems to believe that Geneva made a deliberate decision to keep sleeping with the boyfriend, primarily because she wanted to, and then came right out and asked the woman if she had been “hoeing.”

“Did her boyfriend give you money to lay up with him?” The woman then answered “Yes,” which disappointed Iyanla, who yelled, “Y’all were hoeing!”

Do you think Iyanla take it to far? Watch the video and chime in

Source: EurWeb

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