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Is There Some Truth That Blacks Are Seen As Savages…You Be The Judge!!

EarHustle411 came across this article and thought it would make for great discussion. On this episode of “You Be The Judge” ponder the thought of what this gentleman is saying about blacks and share your thoughts.

Do you think that blacks are seen as savages??

bill fletcher An African American friend of mine keeps asking, in utter amazement, how it is not obvious that there was something wrong when Officer Wilson fired 13 shots at an unarmed Michael Brown. As she has said: “Brown was unarmed! How can you justify shooting him at all, let alone more than once?”I thought about her point when I listened to the announcement that the grand jury was not going to indict. But the answer to her question is actually fairly straight forward. If you believe that African Americans and Latinos are savages, then any sort of action becomes justifiable. And in listening to the words of Officer Wilson, you would almost think that instead of talking about Michael Brown, he was talking about “Mighty Joe Young.”

The U.S. is such a residentially segregated society that it is actually possible for many White people to never see an African American or Latino in real life. They may only see us on television or in films. If they are addicted to Fox News, then their perception of us is even further misshaped.

Chris Rock, on the CBS series “Sunday Morning,” posed the question of why the police are not shooting more White youth. While his comments were provocative (and he was not calling for the police to shoot White youth), he was asking a very relevant question. The African American community is not the only community where there is criminal activity. Italian Americans have the Mafia. Irish Americans have their own version of the Mafia, as well as Charlestown, Mass., the reputed capital of bank robberies. Of course, there is the notorious Russian mob. Yet, it is rare to hear about the police accidentally or on purpose killing Italian American, Russian or Irish American youth.

No, none of this can be understood until you recognize that we are not viewed as people. Our experiences are considered relevant and we are thought of as hostile, ignorant, and a permanent threat.


Source: New Pittsburgh Courier

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