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IRS Hi-Jacks Mini Mart Owner’s Bank Account Although NO CRIME Was Committed…GTHOH!!!



A North Carolina mini-mart owner just had his entire savings of $107,000 confiscated by the IRS in another “Civil Asset Forfeiture” seizure.

The government admits the man committed no crime… per se. But they worried that the “manner in which he was making bank deposits” was suspicious.

The result? They get to take all of his money until they figure out whether he was doing something shady or not.

“It took 13 years to get it and less than 13 seconds, I guess, to take it away,” Lyndon McLellan, 50, said in an interview produced by his lawyers at the Institute for Justice, a libertarian public interest law firm.

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The rural North Carolina convenience store owner is now fighting to get what belongs to him back from the IRS.

The civil forfeiture laws used to seize McLellan’s money claim to be there to target “drug lords” and “terrorists.” But apparently just making withdraws or deposits in amounts that the government considers “suspicious” is enough to leave you penniless.

The IRS has still not accused McLellan of any crime.

“To make this kind of money selling soft drinks, cigarettes, and hot dogs somebody’s got to work,” the mini-mart owner said. “It wasn’t handed to us. It was taken from us. But it wasn’t handed to us.”

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Source: Concurrent News

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