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Iowa H. Student Chant “Trump” After Loss To Predominately Latino/Hispanic Basketball Team

Iowa H. Student Chant "Trump" After Loss To Predominately Latino/Hispanic Basketball Team

Donald Trump’s white nationalism is spilling out into America’s high schools, as some fans from an all white Iowa high school team chanted “Trump, Trump,” to try and rattle Perry high school:

High school students in Des Moines, Iowa, this week chanted “Trump! Trump!” after a boys’ basketball game. The chanters were from Dallas Center-Grimes High, which has a largely white population. Their school’s team had just lost to Perry High School, which has a more diverse student population.

Trump has made derogatory comments about illegal immigrants and has pledged to build a wall along the entire U.S.-Mexico border if he is elected.

Perry student Kevin Lopez noted in a letter to the Perry Chief newspaper that the billionaire’s name has been chanted at the team three other times this season.

“It is a chant said to intimidate and discriminate our Latino/Hispanic students and it is a chant that is fueled by racism,” Lopez wrote.

“Perry has been a racial target for many towns for a long time now, and now I am tackling this problem. I urge that you stay alert to chants like ‘Trump’ or ‘Mini-Mexico’ and that you please take action. We know racism is alive and well, but we refuse to undergo discrimination at Iowa high school athletic events.”

The two schools then hooked up as DCG admitted the error of their ways.

The Donald-Trump-centered chants targeted at a multicultural team had a rippling effect. But on Thursday, fans from the two schools cheered together as one.

“We were definitely in the wrong, our student body,” said Austin Kloewer, a DCG student.Students from DCG met with Perry students early Thursday and used the evening’s Boone vs Perry boys’ sub-state game to make amends and teach their fellow classmates a lesson in return.

And Perry learned from DCG“The few that did those chants and said those things were not a full representation of that school,” said Perry student Kevin Lopez.


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