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Invited To Dinner Then Tortured & Murdered; Payback For The Rape Of A Man’s Daughter…WOW!!

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What would you do if you found out your daughter was raped while you were away on business? How would you handle that rage? This was one man’s resolve.

According to Indian Express, a father–36 years of age–in India returned home from a business trip to find out from his 14-year old daughter that she’d been raped by a 45-year old medical supplier. The medical supplier, who was married, reportedly threatened the girl with violence should she reveal his horrid actions to anybody. According to the Express, the father invited the medical supplier to his home for dinner to discuss an “issue”. Following dinner, the father overpowered the supplier, strapped him to a chair, burned his genitals with heated tongs, and proceeded to torture him to death.

The father has maintained that he planned to torture the supplier, especially after seeing him happily enjoying time with his family after he learned of the rape from his daughter, but murder was not his intention.

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