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Intern’s Racist N**ger Tweet Sends Social Media In An Uproar

Sometimes one has to wonder why people think it’s okay to say whatever comes up into their head.  An intern found out the hard way that social media can be a good thing but not when you post a racist tweet even if it was supposed to be a joke.  Now the intern lost a paid internship because of her inability to know the difference between a joke and a racist comment.

Tough lesson learned some things are just not funny!!

Read more as reported by VIBE:


A 20 year old woman learned first hand the power of social media when her racist Tweet went viral, causing her to lose her paid internship.

Over the weekend, Erika Escalante Tweeted a photo of her and a friend in a cotton field with the caption “Our inner N—er came out today.”

The Spanish linguistics major said it was meant to be a joke, but prior to deleting it, a screenshot was taken and the photo went viral causing Escalante to be on the receiving end of the Internet’s wrath.

“I apologize fully, I take full responsibility for what I have done, It’s just not ok,” said Escalante.

Escalante then contacted her employer attempting to explain her predicament.

“We were shocked when we saw, it’s not what you would expect,” said Kevin Snyder who works at Isagenix, a company that makes health and wellness products.

It wasn’t long before Snyder and the company decided to terminate Escalante’s internship with the company.

“When I looked at it, I immediately knew we had to make a swift action. It was unanimous, it is a complete conflict of who we are, and what we stand for as a company, so within roughly two hours we ended our employment with her,” said Snyder.

Escalante, speaking with FOX 10 Phoenix has apologized for her Tweet and actions, and has deleted all social media accounts, but says someone has set up a fake account and is sending out racially charged Tweets.

Source: VIBE

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