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Intense Black Guy Breaks Down His Opinion Of Macklemore New Song “White Privilege II, He Calls It “Black Power With White Face” [ Video]

Intense Black Guy Breaks Down His Opinion Of Macklemore He Calls It "Black Power With White Face" [ Video]

An African-American guy breaks down Macklemores New song called “White Privilege II,” featuring the poet and singer Jamila Woods where he dissed Miley Cyrus as well as Iggy Azalea.
The song received mixed reviews.  There was Praise, Scorn, hype and much-needed conversation as it relates to racism.

The young man in the video below believes Macklemore made the song more about himself as opposed to real life issues and used black voices to get many of his points across.  So he decided if Macklemore can use back people, he will use a white person to get his point across.

He claims Macklemore goes to the poor community of Ferguson and use the people for information to then write about his own experience and make it all about him.

Check out the video and chime in with your opinion!!!




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