Indianapolis Woman Stopped By Police Claims Officer Preached To Her About Jesus


You have the right to remain silent … in prayer.

An Indianapolis woman says her rights were violated after she was pulled over by a cop who asked her if she accepted Jesus as her savior.

“It’s just completely out of line and it just — it took me aback,” Ellen Bogan, 60, told The Indianapolis Star.

The alleged incident occurred in August. The state trooper, Brian Hamilton, allegedly asked her about her faith a number of times and handed her religious materials. One pamphlet tells the reader to “realize you’re a sinner.”

Bogan, who told the paper she does not attend church, said she felt compelled to tell the officer that she was religious.

“The whole time, his lights were on,” she said.

A police spokesman told the paper that he is aware of the federal lawsuit, which claims Bogan’s First and Fourth amendments were violated, but did not comment on the pending litigation. The spokesman told the paper that there is no specific policy that addresses distributing religious materials.

“I have people pass out religious material all the time. Mormons come to my door all the time, and it doesn’t offend me,” Micah Clark, the executive director of the American Family Association of Indiana, told The Star. “[This case] might not be the most persuasive time to talk to someone about their faith, but I don’t think that a police officer is prohibited from doing something like that.”

Bogan, who was handed a warning, is joined in the lawsuit by the ACLU of Indiana.

Source: Fox News

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