India Arie Pens Open Letter To Blue Ivy Critics


India Arie Pens Open Letter To Blue Ivy Critics

India.Arie has always been an outspoken fan of natural hair, so it’s no huge surprise that the artist penned an open letter to those who criticized Blue Ivy’s curly mane.

While some singers, including “R&B Divas: Atlanta” stars KeKe Wyatt and Syleena Johnson, aren’t exactly fans of Blue’s hairstyles, Wendy Williams and India have defended the 2-year-old.

“Why does ANYone get the idea that it’s ok to make fun of a child? In public no less?” India recently wrote on her Facebook page.

The “I Am Not My Hair” singer went on to explain how today’s celebrity culture has society believing that people seen on TV and in tabloids aren’t real.


It’s easy to figure out that India.Arie lives by the golden rule, “Treat others the way you would want to be treated.”

“Blue Ivy is a CHILD, ” she writes.

Instead of finding something to criticize, India suggested others take the high road. “Why NOT be a person who is loving towards human kind as a whole AND people as individuals? WHY NOT be a person protects the hearts of children?”


India.Arie also says that no matter what Blue Ivy’s hair looks like, someone is going to have something to say regardless. Whether it’s too tight, natural, or relaxed.

“[B]eing gentle with a child’s hair is simply appropriate – this goes the same for ALL children,” she said. “Were ARE better than this.”


Source:  S2smagazine.com




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