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In Loving Memory: How Does Sandra Bland A Woman With Everything To Live For End Up Dead In A Texas Jail Cell??

EarHustle411 and the writing staff are completely baffled and feeling a bit heart heavy, as a woman we posted about is the sorority sister to one of our EarHustle411 writing staff.  Both ladies are members of Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Incorporated.  The story which has gained national attention was about a woman from a neighboring Chicago suburb who had been pulled over in a traffic stop in Waller County, Texas and subsequently arrested and charged with assault on a public servant.  The next thing the world knows is she is DEAD from “supposed” self-asphyxiation.

So let’s take a look at what we know about this women.  Her name is Sandra Bland and aside from her being an African-American business woman who according to those who know and love her can confirm that she is not the type of person who would take her own life. The thought of that is just as absurd as that whack description or “account” of what happened to Sandra.  Sandra Bland was as woman who stood firm in her convictions and she didn’t care what anyone thought about it, no one was going to “silence” her voice.  Being an advocate for racial equality Sandra’s death has once again made people open their eyes to what is happening to black people right under the noses of those who are sworn to protect and serve.  Seems like the protect and serve concept has been long gone with the amount of “incidents” occurring between the police and the community.

sandra bland

photo credit (Sandra Bland’s Facebook Page)

The death of Sandra Bland has spawned a nationwide outrage and rightfully so.  We are tired of people hiding behind the “safety” of their profession to do the devil’s work.  Racism has reared it’s UGLY head yet again without any regard whatsoever and another promising life has been stolen only to leave the entire world in tears questioning…why?

From what we gathered here at EarHustle411, Sandra Bland found her way into Texas after accepting employment with her HBCU alma mater, Prairie View A&M University in Prairie, TX.  So just what did happen to Sandra?  A video surfaced on YouTube of her arrest.  Take a look:

The question remains is how could a woman who after having taking a fun and fantastic road trip with her family, getting the job of her dreams and advocating for the betterment of black people “her kings and queens” as she so eloquently calls them in her videos of #SandySpeaks?   Upon EarHustle411 hearing about the arrest and subsequent death of Sandra Bland, we have been paying very close attention to the news outlets and following reports about her as well and the situation has revealed some extremely interesting responses.  Regardless of what type of controversy Sandra Bland may have “stirred” up with her advocacy efforts, she was still a human being and no human being deserves to be “profiled” or treated with anything other than respect and dignity.

Sandra had posted a video via her Facebook page and in the video she discussed the blatant discord of people who would leave “interesting” comments about her video content.  One thing she said that stuck with us was

“If all lives matter, then why would we need #blacklivesmatter?” ~ Sandra Bland

It’s a great question that deserves a truthful, well thought out answer that should be followed with effective and withstanding resolutions.  For far too long, the issues that plague the African-American community has been spiraling out of control and it’s not just white on black but black on black as well.  From what we can see, Sandra Bland had a love for all people however she had a much deeper love for those who looked like her.  She seemed to be a woman who even in her strong convictions for equality, was one who underneath it all was a loving, caring, thoughtful, educated, giving and passionate person.

Sandra Bland

Sandra & her sister Sharon (photo credit) Facebook

Sandra’s death has rung a bell so loud that it is going to force people of all races to truly “open” their eyes and face this UGLY BEAST head on.  The world cannot afford to continuously have those who are supposed to protect the people be the  “executioner” before the judge and jury even do their jobs.  So that brings us to some basic questions like where is the surveillance footage of from the jail, why is a Texas Ranger who has known issues with race being investigating this case?  These are valid questions that must be addressed.  Sad to say Waller County, Texas has a long deep-rooted obvious racist demeanor that unfortunately they don’t care to change.

Racial tension in Waller County goes so far as to have blacks and whites buried in separate cemeteries.  Their legal system is overwhelmingly majority white thus relations are seemingly “white sided”.  Is it just us or does Texas as a whole need a cleansing??

EarHustle411 will post updates as more details emerge about this case, we also send our deepest condolences to Sandra Bland’s family and all who knew and loved her.  We pray that the strength of the Lord be with everyone and may God’s mercy and love be with you.

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