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In Loving Memory: Chicago’s Own DJ Timbuck 2 ~ Rest In DJ Heaven!!

EarHustle411 and the writing staff as well as the DJ, Music, Radio Communities are feeling the effects of the untimely death of a young man that many of us watched grow up and become a household name, an AWESOME brand with a smile that would make anyone’s heart melt and an all round GREAT PERSON.  Chicago native and beloved son of many, mentor and mentee and friend to all in this life, Heavyhitter DJ Extraordinaire,  DJ Timbuck2 has passed away after being ill with cancer.


Photo Credit: DJ Timbuck2 Facebook

DJ Timbuck2 has been a household name for many years with his talents as a DJ and from what EarHustle411 knows about him, he was a man of very few words but when he did speak, people had no choice but to listen.  He was very vocal about his city and what it takes to be successful.  He has been in present company of many a hip hop artist, like Common, Kanye West, Mos Def, Nas, Lupe Fiasco and so many others.  Amazingly enough DJ Timbuck2 was one of the most versatile DJs to be in the game.  He has credited his introduction into the world of DJ to his brother DJ Twilight Tone and it was because of his influence and tutelage that has kept him grounded and we believe prepared him for the success he has experienced.

Prior to DJ Timbuck2 being an On-Air Personality with WGCI and Go Ill Radio, he was already making heads turn as he was a touring DJ for many artists and traveling the country doing what he loved to do.  EarHustle411 and the writing staff are at a complete loss for words, which is very rare.  We as will as the world will truly miss this talented, humble and just amazing spirit that dwelled in the physical body of DJ Timbuck2

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EarHustle411 sends our deepest condolences to the friends, family and the Heavyhitters DJ Team on the devastating loss of DJ Timbuck2. We pray that his knowledge, infectious spirit, his 1000 watt smile that lit up every  room he walked in and amazing memories live on in each and everyone who had an opportunity to share time and space with him.

Check out a 6 part interview DJ Timbuck2 did back in April 2015 he did with Akisha Lockhart.  This could be one of the last interviews DJ Timbuck2 may have done this year.   (Source: YouTube)


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