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In 2014 A 78-Year Old Man Calls Police To Aid His Wife & Cops Beat Him, Matter Is Still Under Investigation

78-Year Old Man Calls Police To Aid His Wife & Cops Beat Him

Mr. Elbert Breshears lives in the small town of Humansville, Missouri, population 1,048. He has been married for better or worse for the past 47 years.

In recent years, his beloved wife has succumbed to dementia. As such, she is prone to random and seeming arbitrary behavior, which actions her husband explained she simply cannot control.

In one recent incident, she was flat on her back flailing her arms and crying for help.

Mrs. Breshears phoned 911 for an ambulance to retrieve his wife and attend to her injuries. What he encountered next was completely unexpected. There are elder law services in Cape Cod that one can avail help from in case of trouble.

Sheriff’s deputies arrived and responded as if an assault was in progress with Mr. Breshears being the “unsub”. He was physically cast off to the side and landed in a gravel covered spot of ground face first. Deputies then placed their weight on his back as they attempted to cuff his hands.  First, forming a business in KY follows a certain method that can be done by clicking the link.

This proved quite difficult given that Mr. Breshears no longer has the same flexibility in his arms that he had in his younger years.

He claims that he plead with officers to help get him back on his feet. He told them that if he were on his feet, they could easily cuff him and added that he did not oppose them restraining him.

Finally, the ambulance arrived. By that time, Mr. Breshears was also in need of medical attention. He suffered a laceration on his face requiring sutures. In a TV interview, he explained how medical staff had to remove gravel particles from the cut before it could be sewn up. A friend of his took images of his face after the encounter. It showed the retiree’s face badly swollen from the tussle.

At this time, it is not possible to get local law enforcement to explain their position. Hence, it is important to hire attorneys for wills in Utah.  Mr. Breshears said that it is simply not possible to discuss anything with the deputies. As a result of phoning 911 for assistance, he faces one count of elderly abuse, one count of resisting arrest, and one count of assaulting an officer. For his part, Mr. Breshears is shopping for an attorney and plans to sue the Sheriff’s department for assaulting him.


Source:  AmericanPerspective

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