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Illinois State University Students Mourn The Loss Of Student Killed In Car Crash On I-55

Students mourned the loss of a companion, lyrical artist and an inspiration to many. Some say he was selfless and always put himself before others. Many know him as “Jazzy” or “Space” from a poetry/rap group on campus called IsReal Arts.

Former Illinois State University student Bryan Snow Jr. died in a car accident Saturday when he was coming back to campus from his home in Maywood.

According to a news release from the McLean County Coroner’s office, Snow was pronounced dead at 12:22 a.m. Saturday at the scene of a crash. The crash occurred near mile marker 186 near Chenoa, according to the news release from McLean Coroner Kathy Davis.

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The accident remains under investigation.

Meanwhile, friends and others who knew of Snow shared memories in a dedication to his life in the Prairie Room of the Bone Student Center over the weekend.

Snow showed his love of poetry by performing his own pieces at open mic. Some of the topics he addressed was what it is like being an African-American living in America and holding on to faith in the darkest times of your life.

Member of IsReal Arts Keith Mallett Jr. stood in front of the audience as he tried to compose himself while speaking about the times he shared with Snow.

“I can just remember this summer when we used to drive back to Chicago and he would always show his music. He was great and he was gone too soon,” Mallett said.

There were a lot of tears and hugging as students created a warming atmosphere for everyone. Several students gained the courage to come up and talk about how Snow impacted their lives including a member of IsReal Arts Jarobe Powell also known as “L.O.G.I.C.”

“We stayed up until 3 a.m. writing and freestyling. That was my brother. He always smiled no matter what. He had so much he wanted to do. He would lose sleep to create. One thing I want y’all to take from this is the importance of working together and the importance of being ambitious,” Powell said.

Some of the lessons learned were to push yourself, don’t take life for granted, talk to someone just to let them know you are thinking about them and say thank you when you have the opportunity.

ISU sophomore Anna Whiters said the first time she met Snow was last year on the day she found out that she was adopted. Snow asked her why did she have her head down and told her that she is so beautiful.

She asked Snow why every time he sees her he tells her that she is beautiful. She said he told her, “I just wanted you to see something in yourself that I see and that everybody else sees,” Whiters said.

She described a time she wishes she told Snow thank you after he told her she is beautiful.

“I was just washing the dishes, I was so upset and ready to go and I didn’t even say thank you. I just want to remind everybody that you don’t ever know the hour or the day, so if somebody says something to you, say thank you,” Whiters said.

Students had the opportunity to listen to Snow’s music at the end of the event as they comforted one another. Snow’s goal was to make sure that no one was hurting the way he was and for everyone to come together to be happy.

Before Snow died, he was working on a project that includes his works in poetry and rap. There will be a collage of videos put together in memory of him. Those who have videos of Snow performing any of his pieces are encouraged to send them to member of IsReal Arts Keith Mallett Jr.

Source: Vidette Online

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