Illinois DCFS Worker Who Died From A Beating Sustained While Removing Child Into Custody Is Ruled A Homicide

Parenting requires the utmost amount of responsibility simply because the children cannot advocate for themselves.  When a parent can no longer perform the responsibilities necessary for the betterment of the child unfortunately a representative of the state will have to intervene.  Most agencies do what they can to keep the children in the homes unless the home is too dangerous and unsafe for the child to remain, therefore removal of the child is a must.
Sadly a representative of the IL Dept. of Children and Family Services was doing what her job required her to do.  Social Worker Pamela Knight was attacked by the father of a child who was in need of extraction from the home.  Andrew Sucher knocked her in the head and kicked her while she was down thus causing severe damage to her brain. Unfortunately Knight succumbed to her injuries 4 months after the attack.  Authorities have ruled her death a homicide.
Read more as reported by Chicago Tribune:

Photo Credit: Fox 32

The death of a DCFS worker who was beaten while taking a child into protective custody was ruled a homicide by the Cook County medical examiner on Friday.

Pamela Knight died Thursday in a Chicago hospital, more than four months after she was attacked while attempting to take a boy into protective custody, authorities said.

The medical examiner ruled Friday that Knight’s death was a homicide and the result of complications of blunt force trauma and head injuries.

Knight, an investigator for the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services, was attempting to remove a 2-year-old from a home in Milledgeville, in western Illinois, when, according to authorities, Andrew Sucher knocked her down and kicked her in the head. The blows fractured Knight’s skull and caused permanent brain damage. Knight, 59 and from nearby Dixon, was airlifted to a Rockford hospital and underwent two brain surgeries.

Knight was later moved to the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago but had recently been transferred to Northwestern Memorial Hospital for emergency surgery.

The beating occurred in the home of Sucher’s parents, officials said. Sucher, 25, of Rock Falls, was later charged with attempted first-degree murder, has pleaded not guilty and is in jail awaiting trial.

Prosecutors in Carroll County could not be reached for comment regarding whether, in light of Knight’s death, the charges against Sucher will be upgraded.

Source: Chicago Tribune

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