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If You’re Homeless and Living on The Streets; Do Not Pass Go, Go Directly To Jail



First it was don’t feed the animals, don’t feed the pigeons now it’s don’t feed the homeless.  It appears that homeless people are making the conservatives a bit uncomfortable.

Several States are punishing the homeless for being poor by sending them to prison as opposed to building shelters to house them.  They are imprisoning them by the hundreds simply for being less fortunate.


Many assume that drugs, alcohol  and mental illness are the common denominator for homelessness however a lot of people are homeless due to loss of jobs, death of the financial provider or natural disasters that they couldn’t bounce back from.



There is absolutely no reason why there should be one hungry or homeless person in America. The state of Utah is giving homeless people homes while Tom Bower (D) began walking the streets of his Waikiki district with a sledgehammer, and smashing shopping carts which is used by homeless people and throwing their personal belongings in the trash.



Check out the video below, Let’s keep our homeless lifted in prayer


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