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If You Could Change The Skin You’re In For One Day, What Would You Do? [Video]

If You Could Change The Skin You're In For One Day, What Would You Do?  [Video]

Photo Credit- Alexander Khokhlov

Imagine being able to change the skin your in for one day.  Imagine if the possibilities for changing your skin was endless, such as being able to go shopping without being followed in the stores, being seated in VIP at a fancy restaurant or just being free of all racial stereotyping.

Three young black French family members participated in a TV show called ‘Dans la peau d’un Noir” where the whole family was miraculously transformed from being black to white by professional Make- up Artists.

This video clip was originally a part of a French documentary that was made to denounce racism against Black people in France.  The documentary was to show the world how blacks are treated compared to whites.

They took a White family and made them look Black and a black family and made them look white.  The two families were then put in real life situations to show how life is more difficult if you’re Black.

What would you do if you could sit in a board meeting with the good ole boys , or go to an all whites only country club or attend an event where there are people that are clearly racist and are talking about you specifically not knowing it was you behind the make up?

Check out this video of this family who clearly was in complete shock after their black to white transformation.  They were all in awe of the incredible change.

Written by Cee Cee

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