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Husband’s “Girlfriend” Gets A Classic Beatdown While Serving Divorce Papers To Future Ex-Wife

sharona coach barnes

A Memphis woman apparently did not like it when her soon to be ex-husband came to serve her with divorce papers with his “girlfriend” in tow.  Sharona Coach Barnes was arrested on assault charges for attacking her soon to be ex-husband’s girlfriend in what some would classify as a “warranted” beatdown.

Check out the news clip :

Regardless of how everyone feels about the situation, violence is never a solution to combat a problem on the other hand somethings are would be considered a respectful “no-no”.  In a sensitive scenario like divorce or custody cases, I believe the “outsider” should be considerate and stay their distance and allow the parties involved to conduct their personal business.

The soon to be ex-wife could have exercised restraint just as the “girlfriend” could have stayed at home.  It’s safe to say that the split isn’t amicable.

Source: (video) WREG

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