Ear Hustle

How Really Honest Are People? Lets Find Out


They say that the opportunity makes the thief. This means that even if you do not have the sole intention of stealing, if the ‘item’ presents itself to you, and you know that there will be no consequences—you tend to take it. Yes it is true for most people, but there are still those who remain honest and prefer to return the things which are not theirs.

In this social experiment, a man drops his wallet or purpose to see which people would return his wallet. He then decided to do something else, and left his wallet on the pavement. An amputee passed by and picked up the wallet. The man was looking around and saw that nobody claimed ownership. He then made a call before going to the mall.


The owner followed the man to see what he would do with the wallet. To his surprise, the man bought a bag and a pair of shoes!  They followed him still, and the man was walking for 2 hours. The owner felt something familiar about where they were going, and when he found out why, I felt bad for the amputee!

Source: Viral 4 Real

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