Homeless Chicago Man Speaks Says “I’m NOT a bum, I am a human being!!” [Video]

EarHustle411 came across this video on the page of singer/actor Tyrese Gibson.  The gentleman featured in it has been homeless for a while, basically going from day-to-day panhandling for change to get food and shelter.  It’s unfortunate that those who have found themselves to be severely affected by hard times are treated so badly by passersby and possibly by programs that are supposed to be designed to assist.  One never knows what this life will bring, one thing for sure is “life will happen whether we want it to or not”.

Take a look at Ronald Davis tell his story:



We can’t say what the intent was for the video or if it was meant to make you feel guilty or bring you to tears, however if the video does then it is obvious it worked. Ronald made a good point, HE IS HUMAN!! No one deserves to be treated like anything other than human.  The shoes that Ronald is wearing some may say that they will never be in but in reality when we choose to ignore the very people that currently wear them, would it be safe to say that turning a blind eye is equally as bad?

At the end of the day treat those with the respect you would want to be treated with.  An old cliche’ says “the pen is mightier than the sword” but not when the sword is a tongue!!

Kudos to you Tyrese Gibson for sharing Ronald’s story!!

Source: Facebook

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