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Holy Smokes!!!…Mexican Prisoner Kills Family Behind Bars During Visit


A 36-year-old woman and her three children were reportedly killed by the woman’s incarcerated boyfriend during a trip to see him in prison.

40-year-old Domingo Villa Arellano, who is an ex-cop, allegedly carried out the slayings on March 15 inside Puente Grande prison, El Excelsior reported.

Puente Grande is a maximum-security prison in Jalisco, Mexico.

According to El Excelsior, Villa Arellano said he stabbed his girlfriend Ericka Isela Velazquez Cocula’s chest with a weapon during a verbal dispute.

Villa Arellano reportedly said he used a metal object from his time spent making handicrafts.

El Excelsior reported that at the time, Villa Arellano was furious over the couple’s two children saying their mother was treating them poorly.

Villa Arella went after the children and his girlfriend’s 17-year-old daughter, El Excelsior reported. The girl got away and died at a hospital, according to the newspaper.

Villa Arellano reportedly later tried to kill himself and was hospitalized.

El Excelsior reported that the 40-year-old has been behind bars since 2006 over killing a girlfriend and sexually abusing the woman’s daughter.


Source: Daily Mail

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