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Is Hollywood Exes Andrea Kelly Filing For Divorce So Soon?



According to Sister 2 Sister, Andrea’s husband Text messaged another woman who then shared the text messages with Kelly.  He was asking her to send him money through Western Union. This is what he told her about his current situation:

“I just got 3000 a month in bills with no job, car payment, student loans etc cell…i need help yesterday! !!! Need a couple western union a couple grand today!!! But we can do monthly on going or weekly…”

Response:  Why not ask your wife for money though? however, another woman emailed Kelly about her husband’s ratchet behavior as well.  Kelly then took to Twitter, she responded to the woman saying :

“I read you’re email and I want the world to know I FORGIVE YOU! And you stepped up like a WOMEN. I’M PROUD OF YOU!”

It’s good that this crap happened this early in the relationship because who wants to waste so many years with a loser.  Keep your head up Andrea, You are a spectacular human being.









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