Historically Black College Alleged To Participate In Donald Trump’s Inauguration

Historically Black College Alleged To Participate In Donald Trump's Inauguration

Talladega College’s Marching Tornadoes will be performing at the inauguration of Donald Trump on Jan. 20 during the parade that takes place just after the inauguration ceremony itself.

“People from every corner of the country have expressed great interest in President-elect Trump’s inauguration and look forward to continuing a salute to our republic that spans more than two centuries,” said Presidential Inaugural Committee CEO Sara Armstrong. “As participants follow in the footsteps of our new president and vice president down Pennsylvania Avenue, they will be adding their names to the long list of Americans who have honored our country by marching in the inaugural parade.”

While news that Talladega would be performing has been circulating since last week, school officials have not yet confirmed whether the school had even been invited much less whether or not they would be going. But already, many are questioning whether the historically black college should perform at the inauguration, considering the controversy surrounding the president-elect as many performers have refused to attend.

The University of Tennessee’s Pride of the Southland Band, which has marched in every inaugural parade since Lyndon B. Johnson except the most recent one in 2013, is also expected to perform in the parade.


Source:  The Grio

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