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Historic Slave Cemetery Bulldozed In Houston Texas



The historic Bradshaw Cemetery in Houston, Texas was bulldozed without its owners consent and now the family is searching for answers.

Bradshaw, a cemetery dating back to the 1800s and owned by the Nelloms family, was the final resting place for the “bodies of slaves and African Americans who fought in wars and were denied a proper burial…and the family who owns the land say they don’t even know who is responsible,” reports News92FM.

“I don’t want to see my grandmother dug up out of the ground,” said Jeremy Nelloms. “There’s no way. I’d die before I’d let that happen.”

Nelloms reportedly approached trespassers who were clearing the land, so they stopped—leaving in their wake desecrated sacred land, heartbroken family members and a mystery.


Source:  Newsone.com



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