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Hillary Clinton’s Father’s Gravestone Vandalized…OMGEE!!

SCRANTON — Presidential politics may be what’s behind an incident on Scranton’s west side.

Police are looking into a report that the headstone of Hillary Clinton’s parents may have been hit by vandals.

Caretakers found the headstone knocked off it base Monday afternoon, one day after Hillary announced her bid for the White House.

“It was just laying down just right like that, boom.”

Paul McGloin pointed to an indent in the ground, left behind from the impact of the Rodham family headstone falling over.

McGloin says he was driving by the Washburn Street Cemetery Monday afternoon when he noticed the headstone wasn`t on its base.

“I pass here five, six times a day because I live two blocks from here and when I looked I couldn`t believe it, to see that it was tipped over,” said McGloin.

McGloin has taken care of the grave since meeting the Clintons during Rodhams funeral in 1993. He feels its too much of a coincidence with Hillary launching her presidential bid over the weekend. McGloin thinks this was intentional.

“And all of a sudden the headstone is tipped over, two days later. And like I said, as long as I`ve been coming here, the headstone has been pretty secured around the base of it,” said McGloin.

Scranton police say they will be looking into any number of reasons as to how the headstone ended up on the ground. They do say no other headstones were reported to have been knocked over during that time.

Police say one of those causes could be weather related.

Neil Regan, the funeral director who organized Rodhams funeral, says its possible that its weather, but he doesnt think that`s what happened.

“The more I thought about it, there were no serious winds or weather events yesterday and Paul McGloin told me he had driven by here eight o`clock yesterday morning and the stone was in place,” said Regan.

Neil Regan says he was able to get a crew out to the cemetery Tuesday afternoon to place the headstone back on its base.

Source: WNEP

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