High School Teacher Busted For Snorting Cocaine In Class Has Been Arrested

High School Teacher Busted For Snorting Cocaine & Has Been Arrested

Being a teacher isn’t easy. You’re forced to deal with delinquent children on a daily basis and not receive much financial compensation for your trouble. After a while, the stress of the job can really take its toll on your mind and body.
While we may envy teachers during the summer as they take long vacations, we don’t for the rest of the year when they’re committed to the classroom – which could be more aptly considered a battlefield – and have to spend their evenings marking assignments.
To cope with the chaos, many teachers use quirky methods to make class time as enjoyable as possible – like interactive games and quick quizzes. However, one teacher from Indiana took a rather unorthodox approach to maintain her momentum in class.
Samantha Cox was sitting in her empty classroom, indulging in a little downtime in between lessons. Clearly not wanting to be disturbed, the 24-year-old teacher had locked her door to allow her to fully immerse herself within the few blissful minutes of silence.
Except, her 10 am relaxation included something that left her student’s parents furious…
n her haste to have a few minutes alone, Cox, who taught English, had forgotten that her classroom door possessed a window. This window meant that her students became witness to a rather unconventional classroom act.
Concerned by his teacher’s peculiar behavior, student Will Rogers began to film her via Snapchat. The one-minute clip shows Cox behaving in a strange way as she scrapes a powdery substance into neat lines, which she then brazenly snorts.
She’s in the corner, hiding with a chair and a book and what appears to be cocaine, putting it into lines,” Rogers explained to Chicago’s WGN-TV. “When I actually watched the footage, again and again, I just realized that my English teacher just did cocaine.”
Students at Lake Central High School, near Chicago, were concerned by what they’d seen and decided to inform their principal of the incident. The principal in turn then phoned the police, who came to the school with sniffer dogs to search Cox’s classroom.
The dogs retrieved “a clear tightly twisted bag with multiple small rolled up pieces of tin foil” from the center drawer of Cox’s desk. Meanwhile, officers found “a rolled up small piece of paper” which they knew had been “used to ingest illegal narcotics through one’s nostril.”
Cox was arrested at the scene, where she revealed that there was further drug paraphernalia in her car. Upon an additional search, officers found a glass pipe, two rolls of tin foil and more paper straws. In addition to this, Cox also admitted to having purchased $160 worth of cocaine before she arrived at school that morning because she was “feeling sick” and needed the narcotic to improve her health.
“She was popular with the students,” said a regretful police superintendent. “It’s a sad situation. We are happy that we got her removed from the classroom very quickly after being tipped off by a student. But we are also concerned about her welfare, too. She seemed to be a very good teacher.”

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