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Health Alert: Wearing Tight Skinny Jeans Could Land You In The Hospital

skinny jeans

It’s not often skinny jeans make it into the Journal of Neurology Neurosurgery and Psychiatry, but now they have. Under the headline “Fashion Victim,” specialists documented the story of a woman who collapsed and was taken to hospital with no feeling in her swollen legs. Her jeans were so tight that they’d cut off the blood supply, leaving her unable to walk for days.

She’d spent hours squatting in them while emptying cupboards, helping a relative move house.

“As the lady was doing all of the squatting the muscles started to get damaged and it started to swell up,” Dr. Michelle McDonnell, University of South Australia, told 7 News.

Doctors say wearing tight jeans reduced the woman’s blood supply, giving her swollen calves and lost feeling in her lower legs which led to damaged muscle and nerve fibers. She was put on an intravenous drip and spent four days in hospital before she could walk unaided again.

“You would think if your jeans were hurting you would take them off but not the case in this occasion,” McDonnell said.

Source: WGN

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