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Haven’t Started Planning For Retirement; Here Are 5 key Things To Remember

The end of the year is fast approaching, and now is the perfect time to do some housecleaning. And we don’t mean cleaning out your closet.

November and December are turning out to be the best time to get your financial house in order, especially if you’re planning to retire in the next few years.

Here’s what we have in our November special report on retirement.

1. Five things to do now if you’re near retirement

Our retirement columnist Rodney Brooks shares five tips for people getting close to retirement. Your transition will be easier if you follow these suggestions. The key is you need to take a close look at everything you have planned and make sure it still makes sense.

2. It’s not too early to start thinking about when to take Social Security

In our latest story about Social Security, a top financial expert offers insights on what next year’s cost-of-living increase means to retirees. Even if you’re five years or more away from retirement, it’s not too early to start thinking about the best times to start receiving benefits for both you and your spouse. And there are literally hundreds of options.



3. Use our retirement calculator to check your retirement readiness

We are offering a free retirement calculator to help you figure out what you might need. According to a new survey from TIAA-CREF, 45% of the people polled are worried about not having enough money to cover their monthly expenses; others are worried that their retirement savings could be depleted by health care costs or inflation. In other words, many Americans are worried about their retirement futures. USA TODAY and Bankrate.com offer a calculator to estimate your retirement readiness.

4. Figuring out where to live in retirement

Start talking with your spouse or partner about what life might look like in retirement. Do you want to stay in your house, or move to a place where it’s warmer? This month we are offering a look at Williamsburg, Va., as a possible retirement location.

5. Check your Social Security benefits online

Go to www.ssa.gov to check out your work history and benefits. Estimate your own Social Security Benefits. Use their retirement planner. And also find links to other retirement websites.

​Getting prepared for retirement is not easy. But you’re not in it alone.

Source: USA Today

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