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Has The Digital World & Cell Phones Caused Us To Lose Common Respect, Communication & Empathy For Each Other

Ear Hustle 411 has been doing some research on human behavior and technology.  (Not scientific Proof) just our own personal observation and what we came up with is mind-blowing, to say the least.

While out dining, we noticed that people have lost common decency and respect for one another.  Out of 20 people we observed dining, 19 of them had their phones out on the table texting or browsing social media.

Yes, we were nosey, we actually got up walked around to peek at what was on their phones and continued walking by as if we were just moseying right along.

A new survey by Pew Research Center found that 88% of respondents believe it’s “generally” not OK to use a cell phone during dinner.  An even larger percentage, 94%, say cell phone use is inappropriate during meetings, while 95% say they shouldn’t be used at theaters and 96% say they shouldn’t be used during religious services.

Almost every table someone was either playing a game, texting, talking or browsing social media while their date, friend or colleague sat and watched.

You have to ask yourself, What has gotten us humans so consumed with electronics and gadgets that human affection is no longer warranted or needed.

Image result for pictures people at dinner talking on cell phones

We did the same study on public transportation and at least 90% of the people had on headsets and were glued to their iPhone or Android oblivious to the people or things around them.  We live in a world now where you would think one would be concerned about their surrounding and those that consume their personal space but as electronics would have it, not one person communicated with the person sitting directly next to them.

We asked a few people who did not want to be filmed, what did the person sitting next to you look like and what were they wearing?  10 out of 10 said, ” Oh wow, I don’t know.”

How can a person sit next to another individual for an hour and not even know the race of the person, the gender nor what color pants the person was wearing?

Ear Hustle 411 even saw people literally walking down the street talking on their cell phones or texting not even paying attention to traffic or manholes.

We are challenging all our viewers to put the phone down while you are out to dinner.  Try holding a conversation with that person sitting across the table from you.  You might be more entertained with a simple conversation than a game on your phone.

Instead of sitting on public transportation texting, try drumming up a conversation with the person sitting next to you.  You never know who that person may be or what connections they may have. It’s possible the person sitting next to you may be just that person you need in your life to advance you or possibly make a lifetime friend.

According to Time, Men are generally more likely to approve the use of cell phones in social settings than women. Smartphone owners are also more likely to deem the practice appropriate than non-smartphone owners. And unsurprisingly, younger adults have less qualms about using phones in social contexts than older adults do. But even among adults aged 18 to 29, only 16% say it’s OK to use your phone at family dinner. So stop doing that.

Last but not least, stop videotaping assaults without helping unless it is being used as evidence.  There are far too many videos of people being assaulted via social media and very rarely do you see anyone help the victim yet you help yourself to their pain just to get views on social media.

Did you know,  In most states, recording a fight on private property can lead to a misdemeanor charge, but laws vary according to the Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press (RCFP), a privacy violation is a felony in Maine?

Next time you decide to pull out your phone and you are out and about, try enjoying the air, trees, breeze, sun and most importantly, the person you neglected sitting or standing right next to you.


Chime in and let us know if you too are a cell phone junkie and completely unbothered by the world around you!!!




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